Who We Are

Our Mission

We aim to provide the upmost best experience for our families and avid RV-goers. Each site provides a sense of security and privacy, with access to all the fun filled activities the wilderness provides. 

Hidden Haven understands the importance of family as well as how needed it is to slow down your everyday life and enjoy the little things. Which is why two sisters came together to create space where traveler can relax and rediscover themselves in the midst of all the crazy. 

Extraordinary Experiences

In order to create a great experience for everyone, our cabin corner store is fully stocked with the necessities needed. Each cabin is fully equipped with the essentials but also includes board games, cards, television, and books for all ages. If that isn’t enough to keep everyone happy, the cabin corner store will definitely have what you are looking for. 

Maybe you are planning a campfire and plan on doing S’more. Our store has the ingredients to make that happen. Is there something you forgot to pack? Well we keep it stocked daily to ensure that you won’t need a change of plans. 

Our Core Values

Happiness, peace and respect.